Friday, Friday, Friday!

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It was a rough week, but I'm excited to go home for the weekend. Today we are applying for our marriage license (!), I'm picking up my dress from the tailor ($), and I'm getting my haircut. Tomorrow I'll be attending the Heels for Words fundraiser walk, shopping with my almost-mother-in-law, and babysitting. Hooray!

So in love with this leather wallet from Everlane. I wish I could justify the $115 price tag, but I can't.

One of my first-ever Tumblr girl crushes started a new beauty blog this week, Gosland. It's stellar.

While my go-to baby shower gift is typically a print from The Animal Print Shop, I think this personalized art print would be sweet for a little girl.

One of my best friends threw me a bachelorette party last weekend. Thank you, Shelby! It was such a good time.

I'm not a huge bloody mary fan, but I can think of a lot of people who are that would be thrilled to receive this handmade bloody mary gift set.

Since I'm starting grad school in the fall, I've been looking at buying a heavy-duty planner. I'm talking laminated pages and the whole-shebang. If anyone has any non-chevron/damask/gold foil polka dot suggestions, please send them my way.

I've been seriously considering refining my wardrobe to become a capsule wardrobe. This post and this quote are what have inspired me most. I do not even want to think about how much money I've spent on ill-fitting clothes at F21 & Target. No more! (Hopefully!)

Sam brought me the best surprise chai tea latte to work last week and I've been craving another one ever since. Since I can't justify spending $4 on coffee daily, this recipe will have to do.

Grilled cheese heaven. Yes, please.

I'm sure that baby shower hosting duties won't roll around for quite some time, but this shower hosted by Melanie Blodgett of YAMF kills me every single time.

Happy weekending! xoxo


Good Ol' Wes Anderson

Sam and I went to see the Grand Budapest Hotel on Sunday. While I enjoy Wes Anderson's work, Sam is obsessed. He was talking about it for days afterward. The short film on how to to create the film's starring dessert was more my thing, and definitely too cute not to share.


Hair Party

It's no secret that hair is not my thing. I didn't learn how to properly put my hair into a ponytail until my mid-teens and I still don't know how to curl it. I can count on my hands how many times I've used a hairdryer. It's just not my preferred feature.

That being said, a few years ago I got my haircut with straight across bangs and it sort of felt like hair could be my thing for a minute. I've since tried the hairstyle again with no luck (chubbier cheeks maybe?), but I'm thinking I'll try it again when I make my annual (don't judge) trek to the salon on Friday. It seems like all of my favorite styles are ombre-based, but I've been there and cannot afford to maintain it, and I can imagine my future gawking at my "totally 2014 hair" in the future. Post-wedding Shelby will probably cut it all off anyway.

I'm curious: Is there a hairstyle that you're terrified to try? I've always wanted something like this (but brunette) but know I don't have the texture for it.

Wish me luck!


Party Planning

Our close friends got engaged last week and are moving to Austin next month. We're both so happy for them and their new lives together, but obviously bummed to see them go. We're throwing them an impromptu engagement/going away party in a few weeks and inspiration is both everywhere and overwhelming, in a good way.

These floral invitations from Minted are seriously blowing my mind.

Hopefully May will bring warm weather as an outdoor party would be such a refreshing change from the standard sushi/bar scene of winter. Winter, I love you, but you gotta go. Photo via Willow & Jade. 

Cheese & wine would be the main festivity, because duh. Credit unknown.

These personalized cookies are the perfect party favor. Photo via Closer to Love Photography.

It's funny how planning parties for other people is so much more exciting than planning parties for yourself. I hope that I'll be throwing bunches of baby showers & engagement parties in my near future. 



Credit: 1 & 2

It's no secret that I've been absent from the blogosphere for quite some time. I was in the middle of planning what will I'm sure be a very rewarding, lovely day known as my wedding, but for now sort of super sucks. I was also more stressed out than I've ever been while waiting to hear back from graduate schools. Now, a few months later, I'm six weeks from the wedding, have been accepted into grad school, and really only feel like crying once or twice a week. Three times if people are stepping on my toes.

In the past, I've battled between wanting a private life (i.e. no social networking at all) and wanting to hash out every detail of my existence, and I hope that this new blog (well, updated blog) will help me balance those two desires. Sigh.

I have also decided to introduce a few different series' that will keep posting consistent and interesting. It's hard to dream of content when your life feels so stagnant, so I'm sure that some experimenting will be done regarding which series work for me, which don't, etc. I suspect that a home tour (we're still working on our little apartment - the next to-do list is painting our guest bedroom) will be coming before the end of the summer. Exciting and scary. Eek!

And, as of today, the old content from the previous shelbyisms blog is now forever private. The new blog is a chance for me to reinvent the site and I fully intend to take advantage of the opportunity.

Welcome to Shelbyisms.